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Frequently Asked Questions.

Is the information in the evidence toolkits all I need to be an effective higher education instructor?

No. Blindly or aggressively following research evidence is likely to result is the same kinds of negative outcomes as ignore evidence altogether. Effective teaching is an art and a science. It requires being able to weigh the needs, values, and preferences of students alongside expert judgement and evidence. There are also gaps in the literature; questions that the evidence is yet to attempt to answer. INSPIRE tries to identify and fill some of these gaps.

Can I share this site with other higher education instructors?

Yes. This site is intended for anyone who wants to be able to quickly and easy gain access to curated, highest-level evidence. You are free to share this site with colleague at your university, other universities, and beyond.

Is there a way to develop my evidence-based practices in higher education?

Yes, we have several training programs and a peer evaluation program. You can read more about these on our Training page or contact us for more information.​

How do you determine the ratings for impact and quality?

The impact ratings are reflective of established effect size cutoffs. When more than one meta-analysis is used in an evidence summary, the main effect from the meta-analysis that was rated as having the highest quality is reported. Similarly, the quality ratings are based on an established method for rating the rigor of meta-analyses. You can read more about how we determined the ratings for impact and quality HERE.

I have had experiences that differ from the evidence summaries. Is there someone I can share my experiences with to advance the work of INSPIRE?

Yes. The wonderful thing about evidence is that it’s ever-changing. We want INSPIRE to remain contemporary and be responsive to the experiences of instructors. Please contact us to share your stories – both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ – and help others learn.​