The INSPIRE Mission

INSPIRE aims to have a meaningful and sustained contribution to the life-long development of university students' professional, personal, and social knowledge and skills.

INSPIRE will achieve this by empowering educators to implement the highest-level evidence-based learning and teaching practices, with the best interests of students at heart.


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We make evidence accessible and fill the gaps

We are committed to helping people answer important questions like "how do I design lecture slides so students learn?" and "how do I design effective assessments". We find the answers to these questions using high-quality empirical evidence, and also inform researchers about questions that have not yet been answered.

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We support the knowledge translation of evidence into practice

We provide curated, simplified, and usable summaries of highest-level evidence that are easy and quick to digest. Specifically, we have summarised meta-analytic research that has explored interventions in higher education. We only summarise these works because they are the most rigorous form of empirical evidence and have practical merit.

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We offer opportunities to grow and develop

We've developed a series of learning packages that allow you to develop your decision-making knowledge and skills. You can engage in these learnings when you want and how you want, and return to them at any stage during your development.

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What INSPIRE does

How INSPIRE is built to help